Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mountain Running....

I'm off to Switzerland tomorrow for the European Masters Mountain Running Champs. I have 4 million things to do today which include a 2 hour spin on the bike (did an hour and half swimming already today!!) so I better get going. I'm almost afraid to go out on the bike today, it's so windy....

In two weeks it'll be the same again as I'm off to Germany for the European Mountain Running Champs. At least it's not Switzerland again....less temptation to buy chocolate....I reckon....


steph said...

Best of luck! Aquaasho

I feel tired just reading about your preparations.

Go, girl, go!

Journey to a Centum said...

You have trained hard with a sub 3 marathon just behind you and tons of great cross training recently.

Stay on your feet, fuel, hydrate, and remember your mantra "Push!"

Enjoy your adventure!

aquaasho said...

Cheers Steph! So good of you!

Hi Eric, thanks for the encouragement. I assume you mean "off" my feet! Ha ha!

John Mc said...

Good luck!

Mick said...

Fantastic achievement Aisling. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Ais is a bit shy about these things


LaviniaG said...

Just read your Aquathon comments and previous related posts. I am really impressed - to go from effectively zero to an ironman swim, that takes alot of guts. Good luck with it.

Marion said...


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Mick said...

Best of luck Aisling with your Ironman.


aquaasho said...

Cheers everyone!

aquaasho said...

Cheers everyone!

Anonymous said...

Sunday 7th Sept

News just in .....

IronWoman Aisling has completed her 1st Iron Man in 13hrs 12 Min.
3.8k swim
180k bike
finished with a Marathon 26.2 miles

Fantastic, we are all very proud of you !
Tony, Grace & Keane

Mick said...

Bloody well done Aisling. Bet you're knackered. And I just popped in to update you on this year's Jungfrau (same as last year but with clouds blocking the view at the top)but your effort knocks that into a cocked hat.

Got chatting to a guy in an Ireland vest on the way round. Thought he might have heared of you but it turns out he was a roadie. Saw another guy in a IMRA vest but didn't manage to talk to him.

Well done again.


Anonymous said...
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