Friday, June 13, 2008

Getting Through It

Well I got through the Aquathon. It was far from pretty and it was far from fast. It was quite stressful and before the start I just wanted to run away with fear and cry. I wrote an account over at Team Geared Up. If I didn't have a coach I'd have pulled out of this Ironman thing by now! It's so scary and hard.

Meanwhile Tony is in China doing the Gobi march. He's on Day 6 now which is a rest day after a gruelling 80 kilometre stage yesterday. Tomorrow is just a final dash of 10k and hopefully he'll be able to ring me as soon as he's finished. Although we've been able to email competitors they obviously can't communicate with us. The team has an excellent blog here.

Tony's doing fine and I'm just hoping he's enjoying it. It would be like him to enjoy it the tougher it got. Tony wouldn't feel like he'd participated in anything serious unless it was savage hard!


steph said... got through it!

I'm WAY impressed, Aisling

You wait... you'll be like a torpedo come September!

aquaasho said...

Cheers Steph, I'm thinkng September might be done in a similar fashion; slow and sloppy!

jothemama said...

God, Aisling, you're so brave!

You know doing this means way more than winning any race because it's so hard for you?

You know, most of us learn to swim for fun, but you're doing it the other way round, with a goal in mind. Would you maybe go off to the beach next sunny day and bring a ball and a body board and go float about and splash with the kids and have some fun? Might calm the panic. Also take some rescue remedy before you get in next time.

aquaasho said...

Jo you are absolutely spot on - I treat swimming like work and I've been told to lose the respect and start swimming like I enjoy it. So you are absolutley right, that's exactly what I need to do. I do bring the kids to the gym pool and try enjoy it, it'll take time, I still think "are`my hands right, am I breathing right" etc. etc. I'm trying! Thanks so much for the suggestion.

Journey to a Centum said...

You could go to a water slide park with the kidos and do repeats up the stairs, down the slide, end of the pool and back up!

I'm not a fan of swimming whatsoever. I get cold, and I fight fear in open water. I spent nearly 60% of my first tri swimming on my back after aspirating a wave and a few small fish into my lungs about 100 yards in to the 1/2 mile sprint distance swim. Let's just say I didn't have any problem finding my bike.

You are taking the right approach and it sounds like your coach is working through your issues. Experience through training will make you a swimming machine. We will probably lose you to the dark side (tri's).

Sounds like an incredible experience for Tony at the Gobi March. I hope they got along well with DK.

Grellan said...

Well done on your first competitive swim. As you said you got through it that's the main thing - it gets easier after that. I get nervous before I even start.

Milan Adenauer said...

Fair play Ash. You're keeping the flag flying. Fair play to Tony too. I need to lie down, listening to all that hard work.

Thomas said...

Wow, Aisling, your account of the swim is rather gripping. Well done for sticking with it!

John Mc said...

well done Aisling.

Frankly, I've been swimming all my life and open water races are still stressful. I had the same epiphany after my last tri, I need to work on enjoying it more, that way you relax and can concentrate on technique and being smooth.

aquaasho said...

Eric I'm too scared of the slides for a water park (and we don't have them In ireland cos the weather's so bad :-( !!) And Tony and the gang loved DK!

Cheers Grellan like I said it wasn't pretty! But I've been in the sea since and had a better experience.

Thomas I feel like I'm scared of everything!

Hi Milan, you're so good to drop by!

Cheers John, your tri stories are an inspiration!

Anonymous said...
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auslaufmodelle mbt said...

I need to work on enjoying it more, that way you relax and can concentrate on technique and being smooth.