Friday, April 25, 2008

Ironman Attempt

I met a swim coach early on Wednesday morning so that he could assess how my swimming is. Last January I secretly (!) entered for an ironman but always knew my swimming would be completely starting from scratch. Before the marathon I kept up basic swim lessons just to learn to swim the strokes properly. I always knew it would be after the marathon that I would decide fully if I was gonna go ahead with the training. So I met the coach and after a few minutes he said he was 70 per cent sure I could attempt the ironman in 4 months. They sounded like good odds to me. After the hour he reckoned if I could swim 400 metres in 4 weeks I would be capable of continuing with the ironman training. That sounds like a plan to me. So I will give that a shot. My technique aopparently isn't too bad but my biggest problem is the breathing. I can't get it right. I swallow tonnes of water. I panic and keep my head up or if anything upsets me in the water I stop. I can just about make a 25 meter length without stopping. But one length is it...... It doesn't sound good does it? But I'll give the 4 weeks a shot. I'll try and swim almost every single day and see if I can do it. Hopefully I can keep up a little cycling and running too. ;-)
If it doesn't work out I will go for it again next year.


jothemama said...

Love the pics! Wish I had some advice for you about breathing.

I breathe on every third stroke, always turning my head to the right.

Don't raise your arm too high,so you don't wobble. Breathe out underwater, or you're just wasting energy.

Presumably it'll just click at some point!

Jackie said...

wow Ais, fair play on attempting an IM! With your form of late I'm sure you'll do great! Not sure I would be of help but if you ever want a few tips I'd b happy to tag along to a swim session someday. Best of luck!

Shanachie said...

Knew it had to be the Ironman competition, you are mad, mad I tell you. But fair play to you for giving it a go, madness all the same.

Milan Adenauer said...

Fair play mrs. I've heard of the iron man before, but only know people who've done half one. But after Rotterdam you can do anything. Did I tell you there's a few lads in my place doing marathons this year hoping to make 3.30! I laugh at their slow time. I now associate myself with the 3 hours, as if I've done it myself.

aquaasho said...

Hey Jo I'm still waiting for the click!
Cheers Kackie, I'm not too optimistic but the 4 week deadline will make my mind up. The breathing's not getting any better but I have been using your flippers!
Shan I know it's madness, that's why I like it! ;-)
Milan you should be encouraging them, not scoffing. Tut Tut ;-)

Journey to a Centum said...

It's all about gear when you're talking Ironman! You can't go wrong with that Olympic sized inflatable pool and the John Deere trike! Does this one have a composite frame? With your sub-three push harder attitude you will be heading to Kona no-problemo!

I wish you all the best with your training as you hone your skills to become a competitive Ironman participant. Sub 12, that's right, I think you can do sub 12! Maybe faster if you upgrade the trike to a bike!


Mick said...

You'll be getting fit if you're not careful. I'm the same as you. Running and biking are fine but I swim like a fountain (lots of splashing without getting anywhere). I'd like to learn to swim properly just to be able to cross train. Keep those legs kicking. Mick

Umberto said...

Well what I can say. Good luck! We don't know each other but I am, somehow, in contact with Mick. I am preparing my first Jungfrau Marathon!

I did a triathlon before, but an ironman... well is another league. Maybe next year :-)

aquaasho said...

Cheers Eric! Isn't the trike cool, 3 wheels saves me putting my feet down when I stop...
Cheers Mick! I think I'm kicking too much and knackering myself out!
Cheers Umberto, Jungfrau will be one of the best running experiences of your life!

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